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Printing directly to a shared network printer [From Windows XP]

This guide will show you how to enable direct printing to a network printer from a Windows XP PC. Printing directly to a network printer means no one computer in the network will need to be used as a printer server. The advantages of not using a specific computer as a printer server include: not needing a computer to be always on in order to print, and not having the performance of a computer affected due to it having to process the printing tasks of the rest of the network.

Note: This guide assumes you already have a printer available to at least one computer on the network.

Step 1: Adding the printer
Step 2: Specifying printer type
Step 3: Creating a printer port
Step 4: Adding the printer port
Step 5: Device Selection
Step 6: Adding the printer (second time)
Step 7: Adding the printer as local
Step 8: Using the printer port
Step 9: Installing printer drivers
Step 10: Printer naming
Step 11: Printer sharing
Step 12: Summary window
Step 13: Printer protocol

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