Visit Mac-connect: Allowing Windows users to log into a Mac October 22, 2016 Sharing files between Mac and PC using Windows File Sharing
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File sharing between Mac and PC

Step 1 - Allowing Windows XP users to log in to a Mac

To let Windows users access a Mac's "Windows shared files" you are first required to allow Windows users to log into the Mac.


Select the "Apple" menu (the icon at the top left of screen) and click the "System Preferences" menu item.
When the system preferences window appears, select the "View" menu at the top of the screen and select "Accounts".
On the new window that appears select the user who will be making their files available on this machine and then select "Edit User".
Check the "Allow user to log in from Windows" checkbox and click "Save".

allowing Macs to share files using Samba

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